Tripling Twitter Visits Through IFTTT

Over the past week we’ve managed to triple the number of visits to Love Shrewsbury and Love Telford from Twitter. We’ve been using the website ifttt to automate the posting of RSS feed items to Twitter.

On a basic level we created a recipe to post the sites news & comments RSS feeds to automatically to twitter, this had a small increase in traffic as we already posted most links manually.

I then created an RSS feed in Drupal that only showed an article once it was 8 hours old, I set this to tweet ‘Did you miss? <title> <url>’ – this tripled our traffic from Twitter!

Given that we posted most articles in the day nothing was going on Twitter in the evening – by delaying by 8 hours this has now solved that and we have a whole different audience clicking through to the Love Shrewsbury/Telford site.