Mobile Takes Over

For the first time, over the past 30 days, on Love Shrewsbury (20th March – 20th April) the number of people visiting the site via a mobile device has overtaken the number of visits from desktop users.

Mobile visitors have been slowly creeping up since we launched however only in the past 30 days has the balance tipped (53% mobile to 47% desktop).

Of the mobile traffic 69% was from iOS, 27% Android, 2.4% Blackberry and 1.2% Windows Mobile, showing the dominance of Apple devices with our visitors.

Currently Love Shrewsbury has no mobile or responsive offering meaning that the majority of users are simply seeing the scaled desktop website.

This put us in an interesting opportunity to grow traffic once we have this in place. Our thinking behind the site will also have to change as our users will be primarily mobile, no longer will the mobile offering play second best to the desktop.