One Year of Love Shrewsbury

One year ago today the Love Shrewsbury website was revealed after months of hard work and development. The aim was simple, to portray all the towns positive offerings, from community stories, business success, local events to towns people who wanted a voice.

The companies behind the project met when Michael Tinkler commissioned The Web Orchard to build the website for Severn Magazine. With over a decade of experience in Blogging The Web Orchard knew how to make online publishing work, partnering with Severn Magazines’ editorial experience seemed an obvious match.

Love Shrewsbury’s development was an interesting process, the county has well established media outlets and we wanted something bold and unique to stand out. We chose a vibrant and energetic colour scheme and based the logo on the towns popular Darwin monument.

The result was a resounding success and went way beyond our expectations. Over the coming months Love Shrewsbury quickly became the most visited site dedicated to Shrewsbury.

Key to the sites initial growth was the work that was put into growing social media channels. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to be able to read our content hence our Facebook, Twitter, RSS and weekly newsletter have been incredibly popular. Features such as our trending page allow users to see whats currently popular with the sites visitors.

Another big success has been our integrated image galleries, coverage of the Shrewsbury Flower Show, Minsterley Show, Fields Forever Festival, Street Festival and Shrewsbury Prison Tour have been some of the most popular articles.

For all the success we’ve had in the past year the one day that stands out the most has been 1st April when we reported that Shrewsbury was to get an Airport. The story went viral around the town and it was a key moment where we won over many casual readers to become regulars.

We’re looking forward to the next 12 months and have some great articles, competitions and bloggers lined up.