Configuring Facebook Pull

The Drupal Facebook Pull module allows you to easily show Facebook feeds on your site, such as the latest posts on your profile or page feed. It’s an easy module to setup however there are a couple of areas that can cause confusion, hopefully the following steps will clear them up.

  1. First install the module like any other on your Drupal site.
  2. Visit the Facebook Developer site and login with your Facebook account.
  3. In the menu click Apps -> create a new app.
  4. Enter a display name and namespace.
  5. Click Create App and fill in the captcha if prompted.
  6. Navigate to (you must be the sites superuser, simply giving permissions to an admin role won’t work).
  7. Enter the App ID and App Secret from your newly created App.
  8. The graph ID can be found in the URL of the page/profile you are trying to show. For instance for my page the URL isĀ so the graph ID would simply be theweborchard.
  9. The Object Type would be what you are trying to display, in this case the pages feed.
  10. Finally the Limit is the number of posts you want to show.
  11. Click Save Configuration then navigate to either blocks. In blocks you will see a disabled block called Facebook Stream, simply drag this onto the area where you want the feed to be displayed.