April Fools on Love Shrewsbury

Each year our April Fools story is one of the most read posts on the Love Shrewsbury site, this year was no different with traffic spiking by 2,700%. It was our third April Fools story so how did it stack up to the previous years?

Year Post Traffic Facebook Likes Tweets
2015 Loch Ness Monster of Shrewsbury Spotted in River Severn

8,900 1800 48
2014 Brad Pitt to Star in Charles Darwin Film set in Shrewsbury

7,500 1900 25
2013 Shrewsbury to get Airport 1,300 170 34

The biggest trend is the link between the story going¬†viral on Facebook and increased traffic, this was helped largely in 2014 and 2015 by our investment in growing the reach of our Facebook page. This gave us a good size¬†platform to initially share the post to enough people to help it go viral. We’ve always struggled to get posts to go viral on Twitter even with a large following, I’m not sure if this is due to the nature of the content or that our core audience is more active on Facebook.

The way we approached April Fools had changed since last year, the bar had been raised considerably since the success in 2014 and we knew if we were going to increase/match traffic again we would have to write an appealing and entertaining post. We discussed a lot of ideas in the office before settling on the chosen topic, many were dismissed for being not funny enough or simply too believable.

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