Future of Work Podcast

The pandemic accelerated a number of trends in remote work, e-commerce and automation. People and organisations overnight went through the most change they had seen in decades but what are the lasting effects and what is the future of work?

With presenter Pete White and a series of inspiring thought leaders, the Future of Work Podcast explores the ideas and trends in and around the future workplace.

Each episodes will take a deep dive on specific topics. These topics fall into one of four key areas:

  • The future of working 
  • Technological innovations
  • The future of human capital 
  • Next generation of workers 

The Future of Working

Many people have fallen into remote working due to the pandemic, it’s produced a number of pros and cons for employers and employees. How has the pandemic changed our working lives and what can this tell us about the future? How has the pandemic accelerated change? Are we dealing with a ‘work pandemic’?

20 to 25 percent of the workforces in advanced economies could work from home between three and five days a week 1

How does increased remote working affect our towns and cities? How may future government policy need to adapt to the changing workplace? How does this effect the future of property usage and what is the future of our cities?

Technological Innovations

Teams & Zoom have become standard across almost all industries but what are the longer term effects of this? If they have led the last few years of technological change then what is next?

Facebook is betting its future on the Metaverse3 but what does the mainstream adoption of this look like?  

Blockchain/Web 3.0/DAO’s6– where does blockchain technology fit into the future of work? What will be the next killer application? 

Creator Economy4 – How does the creator economy shape workers and markets?

McKinsey & Partners found that E-Commerce growth was up 4.5x in the UK pre to post pandemic.

What does the future of E-Commerce look like?

Automation – The effects of automation on the workforce and business?

The Future of Human Capital

Employees/Gig economy – what does the future hold for these workers?

The 40 hour working week2, hasn’t changed since the 1950’s. Up until then the hours worked per week had been dropping yet over the last 70 years its barely changed. Has all the technical innovation simply gone into making workers more productive rather than improving quality of life?

Mental/physical health balances – almost all studies covering the future of work cite increased mental wellbeing as key for employers – is work/life becoming more mentally taxing or is there just greater recognition over our mental wellbeing? 

Millennials hold 4.8% of all wealth. There are now 40-year-old millennials. 

At the same age, Gen X had 9% of the wealth. Boomers had 21%. 5

Equality & inequality – how are issues such as age, sex, race and gender going to affect the future of the workplace?

Where do concepts such as a universal basic income fit into the debate?

Next Generation of Workers

How do we define what we want from a future workforce over what we have today? How can we encourage skills such as entrepreneurship? What advice would we give for younger generations entering the workplace today – what are the challenges of tomorrows workplace?

How does the globalisation of the workforce change the outlook for the next generation and what might their important issues be when selecting a career or workplace?

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