You want a website that conveys your message and converts visitors … and it also has to look great. My web company The Web Orchard works closely with you, your partners, branding agencies and graphic designers to create a website that fits your organisation perfectly. Already have a design? No problem, we can work with that too

The key to a successful long-term project often lies in a websites underlying functionality and architecture. The Web Orchard understands that the portability and modularity of a code base can be a big factor in the longevity and cost effectiveness of a project.

The Web Orchard's speciality lies in developing modules/plugins for the popular content management systems, Drupal and Wordpress. These form the basic building blocks for a stable, flexible website, the content of which can be easily updated by the website administrators. The Web Orchard's understanding of database architecture and web services allows application to a range of PHP/MYSQL systems.

The Web Orchard work closely with the communities behind a number of open source projects helping bring cutting-edge features and efficient support to the most complex of issues.

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