WordCamp Bham

This weekend was WordCamp Birmingham, the event was a resounding success and attended by around 150 WordPress developers and enthusiasts.

I gave a lightening talk based on the blog post I wrote a couple of weeks ago – cutting spam with CloudFlare.

Here are some of the plugins I picked up on from various talks:

Menu Humility – this module fixes any menu items that like to put themselves at the top of the list in the admin menu.

User Switching – lets you quickly switch between users, great for debugging role based issues.

CMS Tree Page View – if you have a lot of pages this lists them in a hierarchical view.

Spots – lets you define areas of content that your end users can edit.

Imsanity – Automatically resizes images in posts so that users don’t load a 10mb image into the body of a page.

Jarvis – like Alfred for OS X but built into the WordPress admin. 

Uploads by Proxy – great little plugin if you have moved a live site to a dev environment but don’t want to copy down the entire content of /wp-content/uploads

Profiler – Performance profiler (was shown in a lightening talk, can’t find link or remember the author).