Love Shrewsbury Online Submission

Over the past year we’ve been repositioning our Love Shrewsbury website to become a content platform rather than just a classic blog. We’ve had a lot of success in this area forming partnerships with other local blogs and news site.

Our platform is powering mobile phone apps such as InfoBeetle providing offers & events data to their iPhone/Android applications and the Original Shrewsbury website.

This month we’ve taken the next step forward by opening up our article submission process to anyone. The result is that users can submit content directly into our article queue through their computers.

Content is moderated then set live just like any other article, it can then by distributed through our social media channels and content networks.

There are two main reasons behind the move:

  1. We want to encourage more individuals and organisations to contribute to the site by making the process as easy as possible.
  2. We are trying to keep up with the ways that we are sent content. Previously it would be common to be sent a Word document attached in an email. Sometimes this would include a picture, sometimes it wouldn’t, (Love Shrewsbury requires an image for all article). Content is then copy & pasted, images manually resized and the article is scheduled to go live. This worked well in some scenarios however as we are being sent more media heavy releases and content optimised for search engine ranking it was clear that a Word document wasn’t cutting it anymore. People needed the tools to be able to contribute online as they would on their own blog. Given we have a very good online work flow for this it made sense to open up the process.

Contributing to Love Shrewsbury is available now, to submit an article use this form.