New Website for GKN

A world leader in the manufacturing of off-highway wheels and supplier of structural assemblies, GKN Wheels and Structures required a new website that would enable them to effectively engage with their global audience. Wanting to add greater impact to their online representation, GKN’s new website needed to both comply with corporate brand guidelines yet stretch the boundaries enough to produce a unique and visually exciting communications tool. GKN turned to The Web Orchard for help.

The Objective:

As a global organisation with 250 years of business heritage, the website needed to be clear and intuitive to use by everyone within its extensive multi-lingual audience. Providing an engaging yet simple user journey, the primary objective of the new website was to enable people to easily find the information they were seeking within a few clicks.

The Method:

On the challenges of the project, Peter White Director at The Web Orchard comments:

“As GKN Wheels and Structures is such a large organisation, it was vital that we delivered a website that would successfully break complex information down into a format and a flow that would be easy to digest by its audience. We had the challenge of creating an exciting new website that would be give the business its own identity.”

Appreciating the world-wide reach of the organisation, The Web Orchard focused emphasis on design and imagery. Creating the impact that GKN required whilst maximising the understanding of the written content, images that attracted attention whilst clearly demonstrating the products and their uses were incorporated. Complemented by bold design, icons and instinctive layout, the objective of the project was successfully achieved.

The Result:

Working closely with The Web Orchard to transform business needs and vision into reality, Marketing & Communications Director for GKN Sali Morris was impressed:

“Working to a very tight deadline, we were impressed with how the team at The Web Orchard were able to absorb our objectives and deliver a solution that so clearly matched our needs. Providing us with a website that effectively communicates with our audiences and our stakeholders whilst giving us the flexibility to represent who we are with our customers, we are very pleased with the fresh, vibrant website that The Web Orchard have designed for us. Perfectly representing who we are as a business, we are delighted with the positive feedback we are receiving.”

Further to the website going live, GKN Wheels and Structures have seen in increase in website traffic and inbound enquiries.

To see the website, please visit

Working in partnership with Build It International

Build It International is a charity that creates opportunities for young people and communities in Zambia through skills training, work experience and essential community building projects. Wanting to increase the reach and impact of their brand, whilst creating greater engagement with their website, Build It turned to The Web Orchard for assistance.

The Objective:

As a charitable organisation the primary objective of a new website was to effectively attract and engage with new and existing supporters. Enabling clear, intuitive navigation, it was vital that their website would enable people to quickly find the information that they were looking for, whilst also highlighting the other activities of the charity.

The Method:

Understanding the specific objective of the charity, The Web Orchard began work by researching effective design and functionality of other websites within the sector. working closely with Build It, the team at The Web Orchard were able to create detailed wire-frames to illustrate how their new WordPress website would potentially look and navigate. Director of The Web Orchard, Peter White, elaborates:

“It was important to Build It that we were able to effectively communicate with people on the work that the charity does via a clear and interactive website. We knew that simple navigation was key, as was bold and engaging design to interest people and effectively hold them on the website for longer. Working with our team of web and graphic designers, we came up with a several ideas on how to pull all of this together. Incorporating extensive imagery and content which told the story of Build It, the final concept worked incredibly well and we are very proud of the finished result.”

The Result:

Delighted with the finished website, Elizabeth Martial, Communications and Fundraising Officer for the charity expands on the positive impact that the website has had for Build It International:

“We might be a small charity, but we are professional, effective and efficient and wanted a website that reflects this. The Web Orchard have produced a new website that perfectly reflects our new brand guidelines. The clean and simple design enables easier navigation which works extremely well on a range of different mobile devices.

As a charitable organisation, it was important for us to have a high quality, off-the-shelf package that was good value and that we could easily update ourselves without incurring additional costs. This is exactly what we got. We can now keep the site fresh and current by quickly and easily changing information on our projects, updating jobs and uploading latest blog entries. We have had lots of positive comments from our supporters and we are looking forward to sharing more news and updates with them to show how their support is building brighter futures in Zambia.”

New Blog for the Security Conscious Web User

A new blog has launched for the security conscious web user, Internet Security Central aims to keep readers safe with tips, advice and resources.

Our lives are increasingly connected to the internet through our smartphones, tablets and IoT (Internet of Things) devices, each comes with a unique set of challenges when it comes to security.

The site helps guide users through the complex landscape of internet security with easy to read guides and top tips lists. It helps to answer questions such as whether you need antivirus software for iPhones and Android devices.

Since launching in January, Internet Security Central, has already covered topics such as the recent Meltdown and Spectre CPU flaws and a run down of the top hacks/leaks from 2017.

A series of articles on crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum has been tracking their rise and fall over the past few months as well as looking at alternative coins such as Litecoin and Ripple.

Internet Security Central can be visited at or on Twitter and Facebook.




For more information contact [email protected]

WordCamp Bham

This weekend was WordCamp Birmingham, the event was a resounding success and attended by around 150 WordPress developers and enthusiasts.

I gave a lightening talk based on the blog post I wrote a couple of weeks ago – cutting spam with CloudFlare.

Here are some of the plugins I picked up on from various talks:

Menu Humility – this module fixes any menu items that like to put themselves at the top of the list in the admin menu.

User Switching – lets you quickly switch between users, great for debugging role based issues.

CMS Tree Page View – if you have a lot of pages this lists them in a hierarchical view.

Spots – lets you define areas of content that your end users can edit.

Imsanity – Automatically resizes images in posts so that users don’t load a 10mb image into the body of a page.

Jarvis – like Alfred for OS X but built into the WordPress admin. 

Uploads by Proxy – great little plugin if you have moved a live site to a dev environment but don’t want to copy down the entire content of /wp-content/uploads

Profiler – Performance profiler (was shown in a lightening talk, can’t find link or remember the author).

Before and After CloudFlare


I moved one of our sites DNS to CloudFlare in the middle of September 2014, the spam comments dropped from around 630,000 per month to just over 10,000. The drop is mainly down to the way that CloudFlare blocks known spammers at the DNS level so that they don’t reach the site.

I primarily moved to CloudFlare because of the number of automated attacks the site was constantly under however the drop in spam has been a welcome benefit.